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General Information Instruction For Presentation
Name : 최고관리자 | Date : 2019.02.08 15:50 | Views : 1871

□ General Information


 ○ On site registration

   - Registration desk will be opened in the Convention lobby on the 1st floor from February 20th, Wednesday


   ·  February 20th, Wednesday 10:00 – 18:00

   ·  February 21th, Thursday 08:00 – 18:00

   ·  February 22th, Friday 08:00 – 15:00


○ At your arrival

   - You will be given your badge and your conference materials at the Registration desk. please note that the meeting, breaks and exhibition area are accessible only with your badge


○ Presentation

   - All presentation materials for our conference will be released.

   - Photo is not allowed in the session room.


○ Language of Conference

   - The Language of the conference is English


○ Internet

   - Wireless internet access will be available in conference halls


○ Inquiry

  - Office of the Conference: +82-42-860-3013, 3684  (E-mail: kbc4273@kcrc.re.kr)

  - Hotel desk: +82-64-729-8100

□ Instruction For Presentation


 ○ Oral Presentation


    Oral Presentations will be alloted 20 minutes including discussion and change of speakers. A beam projector and a Laptop computer (Windows) will be available in the session rooms where speakers are invited to upload their presentation in advance


    Presentation materials must be submitted to the Conference office in advance and It will be released on the conference web site after conference


    The Laptop computer installed MS Office will be provided by the conference. Mac is not supported.



 ○ Poster Presentation


    Posters should be made in A0 Size (a width of 90cm and a height of 120 cm)


    Poster panels will be identified by the same number assigned to the poster in the program and It Should be attached to the designated location by February 20th, wednesday 17:00

    posters will be on display regularly during the conference session, and Poster session will be held at the January 21th, Thursday 15:00 – 16:00


    Posters will be mounted on and removed from the supporting panels by the authors. Presenters are supposed to mount the poster by themselves.


    pins and sticky tapes will be provided by the conference. During the sessions, presenters are requested to be presented at their poster.

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