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POSTER - 9th Korea CCUS Conference
Name : 최고관리자 | Date : 2018.10.16 09:07 | Views : 1508

POSTER - 9th Korea CCUS Conference

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Oral/Poster Session안녕하세요. CCUS 컨퍼런스 사무국입니다.제주에서 개최되는 CCUS컨퍼런스 일정을 첨부파일 참조하시기 바랍니다.* 발표자료는 공개 원칙...
최고관리자 2019.02.13
CCUS Conference Program
최고관리자 2019.02.12
CCUS Education Program NoticePlease understand that for the purpose of spreadingCCUS technology, it is processed in Korean language.
최고관리자 2019.02.08
□ General Information○ On site registration - Registration desk will be opened in the Convention lobby on the 1st floor from February 20th, Wednesd...
최고관리자 2019.02.08
Please make sure to wear your badge.please note that the meeting, breaks and exhibition area are accessible only with your badge
최고관리자 2019.02.08
최고관리자 2018.12.03
In the case of CO2 chemical conversion's Oral and poster presentation, a simplified review of the issue will be made to inform you that the publica...
최고관리자 2018.11.21
POSTER - 9th Korea CCUS Conference
최고관리자 2018.10.16